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Safety Tips

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Welcome to We hope you enjoy the site and find the right individuals to meet for cocktails and possibly more.

As owners of this site, “SAFETY IS OUR PRIME CONCERN!”

In order to help you better while meeting others here, we have listed a few “SAFETY TIPS” that will hopefully offer you a safe and enjoyable journey.

1. Google Yourself – This is important so you can see what comes up in search engines whenever others search you by name, email address or other forms of identity.

2. Don’t offer too much information – Though you may feel this individual is the one you were looking for, always remember that you don’t fully know the person yet. We suggest that you don’t offer too much personal information (full name, location, address, employer, etc.) so that you can stay in control of your safety and how you meet this individual.

3. Get a Google Voice number – As this site may lead to only one night stands or occasional meetings, we suggest that you consider getting a google voice number to communicate on when speaking to others on this site. You can find out more about this by downloading the app “Google Voice” on ITUNES or GOOGLE PLAY Stores.

4. Meet Up in a public place – Though you may consider meeting for cocktails, it is best if you make sure to meet up in a public bar, restaurant, or local place with plenty of people. We suggest that you take your own vehicle in meeting or having someone drop you off and pick you up. This assures you that if things don’t go as planned or there’s no chemistry as expected, then you don’t have any worries about moving forward in your search.

5. Don’t overdue on drinking too much alcohol – Though we refer to hooking up over cocktails, we highly suggest “knowing your limitations in drinking”. It is best to only enjoy a few moderated drinks on the first meeting until you feel more comfortable with that individual. Do not leave your drink unattended even with the new person you just met. If you feel at any time you are not safe, simply scream out “FIRE” and find someone to help you.

6. Don’t use Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Snapchat Photos as your “PROFILE PICTURE” – Being seen on our site, we want you to look your best and be creative and original! We suggest that you don’t use any current photos on your social media sites that can be possible searched by others that are also on our site. Safety is our Priority and should be yours!

7. Tell a friend about your date and have them call for check up – Being your first time meeting, it is important to have a backup in case things go out of hand. We suggest that you tell a close friend about your meeting and also have them call you once or twice to check up while you are out. Also maybe good to keep your GPS locator on as well if needed to locate you.

8. Consider possible self defense options while out – It is always best to have some form of self defense option while meeting for the first time. We suggest pepper spray, mini brass knuckle keyrings, a pen, pencil, or even using your keys as a weapon. Always remember if you dress to impress with heels…they can also be used as a weapon that is quite deadly when stabbed appropriately.

Thank you for enjoying our site and if you feel there are possible individuals that need to be reported, please do so by contacting us on our contact page or emailing our management at with TITLE “COCKTAIL HOOKUPS THREAT”.

Enjoy and Have FUN!


February 15, 2015
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    Thank you for the excellent service! Was able to find my soul mate

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